Campaign Map

The Campaign is the series of quests asking you to defeat Shank Bases and Pythus Bases. You start at Shank Base 1, and must defeat that base in battle. Then you can raid Shank Base 2. This continues until Shank Base 10, where you must defeat Shank's Secret Pet. Think of it as an amazingly strong Gargoyle. Once you defeat Shank Base 10, you gain a Purpleblood Pup, used to make your first outpost. At this point, Shank Base 10 will remain and you can attack it repeatedly for items, and Pythus Base 1 will appear, allowing you to start the second Campaign set. When you defeat Pythus Base 10, you gain a Purpleblood Hatchling, used to create a second Outpost. You will then be able to attack both Shank 10 and Pythus 10 for items.