LVL9 Gargoyle with full Armour.

Eurkea! Wave attacks on lvl 5 camps produce armor just like in DOA. For those of you who don't know, wave attacking is attacking a single point on the grid (camp, wild etc...) repeatedly with in a very short amount of time inorder to quickly farm armor (and also eggs in DoA) and other things. It works by tricking the refresh timer to refresh the reward before the enemy troops refresh.

Inorder to complete a successful wave attack for Gargoyle armor, choose a lvl 5 or higher camp really close by your camp. The closer the better. Next, send off a first attack then immediately send out a second attack. As soon as one attack is sent immediately follow it up by sending the next attack (wave), followed by a next one and then a next one and so on and so forth. Also, a very helpful trick for when sending bats in your waves is to still include AT's with the bats. The reason for this is because bats are faster than Snipers and thus, you want to use the AT's to slow the bats down so that the larger numbers of your Sniper forces hit first and the bats don't jump ahead of them and get clobbered. Follow the attack numbers below and you should be able to farm a single piece of armor for each set of waves. Once you farm one piece, let the camp replenish to full before you wave attack again. Good luck :)

Screen shot 2012-01-28 at 5.48.42 PM

A level 8 Gargoyle, without armor, after unsuccessfully fending off an attack.

Easiest wave attack recipe on lvl5 camp as follows

1. First wave: 6000 Snipers with TW5, SV4, Endo 5, BT 5

2. Second wave: 1000 Snipers with same research

3 Waves 3-8: 1 Nemisis bat with with 50 Ats per attack wave.

by the 5th attack I got the weapons claw :)

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Gargoyle in city

lvl9 Gargoyle